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Ph.D. Student, Mar 2022 - Current
Department of Smart Health Science and Technology, Kangwon National University, Republic of Korea

MPhil. in Department of Mathematics, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh, 2021

M.S. in Department of Mathematics, Jagannath University, Bangladesh, 2011

B.S. in Department of Mathematics, Jagannath University, Bangladesh, 2010

Area of Research

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD), Numerical Analysis, Nano-Fluidic Phenomena, Non-Newtonian Fluids, Data Assimilation, Machine Learning

Academic achievement

Tarikul Islam, R. Nasrin (2022): Thermal operation by nanofluids with various aspects: a comprehensive numerical appraisal. Waves in Random and Complex Media

M.A. Khatun, Tarikul Islam (2022): MInfluence of Magnetic field and Heat Generation/Absorption on Unsteady MHD Convective Flow along a Permeable Stretching/Shrinking Wedge with Thermophoresis and Variable Fluid Properties. International Journal of Thermofluids, 100204

Tarikul Islam, N. Parveen, R. Nasrin (2022): Mathematical Modeling of Unsteady Flow with Uniform/Non-uniform Temperature and Magnetic Intensity in a Half-moon Shaped Domain. Heliyon, 8(3), e09015

Tarikul Islam, Mehmet Yavuz, Nazma Parveen, Md. Fayz Al-Asad (2022): Impact of Non-Uniform Periodic Magnetic Field on Unsteady Natural Convection Flow of Nanofluids in Square Enclosure. Fractal and Fractional, 6(2), 101

Tarikul Islam, M.N. Alam, M.I. Asjad, N. Parveen, Y.M. Chu (2021): Heatline Visualization of MHD Natural Convection Heat Transfer of Nanofluid in a Prismatic Enclosure, Scientific Reports, 11, Article number: 10972

Tarikul Islam, N. Parveen, M.F.A. Asad (2020): Hydromagnetic Natural Convection Heat Transfer of Copper-Water Nanofluid within a Right-Angled Triangular Cavity. International Journal of Thermofluid Science and Technology, 7(3), Paper No. 070304

Tarikul Islam, N. Akter, N. Jahan (2020): MHD Free Convective Heat Transfer in a Triangular Enclosure Filled with Copper-Water Nanofluid. International Journal of Material and Mathematical Sciences, 2(2), 29-38

Tarikul Islam, M.F.A. Asad, N. Akter (2020): Numerical study of magneto- hydrodynamic natural convection heat transfer and fluid flow of nanofluid in a skewed cavity. Journal of Engineering Mathematics and Statistics, 4(1), 14-36

Tarikul Islam, M.M. Islam (2020): MHD mixed convective heat transfer of a micropolar fluid over an unsteady stretching porous wedge with viscous dissipation and Joule heating. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistical Analysis, 1(1), 1-12

M.S. Alam, Tarikul Islam, M.J. Uddin (2016): Mathematical modeling for heat transfer of a micropolar fluid along a permeable stretching/shrinking wedge with heat generation/absorption. Mathematical Modeling of Engineering Problems, 3, 1-9

M.S. Alam, Tarikul Islam, M.M. Rahman (2015): Unsteady hydromagnetic forced convective heat transfer flow of a micropolar fluid along a porous wedge with convective surface boundary condition. International Journal of Heat and Technology, 33(2), 115-122


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