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8 Computational Analysis of an Inverted-type Cross-flow Turbine for Ultra-low head Conditions The Korean Society of Manufacturing Process Engineers Volume 18 , 76-86 Sangwoo Ham†, Hojin Ha, Jeong Wan Lee* LINK
7 Comparative Study of Effect of Wind and Wave Load on Floating PV: Computational Simulation and Design Method Jouranl of the Korean Society of Manufacturing Process Engin… Volume 18 / Issue 11 , 9-17 Gyu-Han Lee†, Ji-Woong Choi, Ji-Hyun Seo, Hojin Ha* LINK
6 A study of the triangular cross section type greenhouse using fluid-structure interaction Journal of the Korean Society of Visualization Volume 17 / Issue 2 , 17-24 GyuHan Lee†, Jeong Jae Kim, Jeongju Kim, Sang Joon Lee, Hojin Ha, TaeWon Kang* LINK
5 Fabrication of affordable pulse duplication system for the in-vitro cardiovascular experiments based on gear pump and orifice flowmeter Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology Volume 33 / Issue 8 , 3927-3932 Ji-Woong Choi†, Jae Hun Choe, Sung Yong Jung, Hanwook Park, Hojin Ha* LINK
4 Accuracy evaluation of blood flow distribution in the Fontan circulation: effects of resolution and velocity noise Journal of Visualization Volume 22 / Issue 2 , 245-257 Hojin Ha • Heejun Kang • Hyungkyu Huh • Woorak Choi • Hyun Jung Koo • Jaeyoung Kwon • Kyoung Jin Park • Young Chul Cho • Sang Joon Lee • Namkug Kim • Dong Hyun Yang LINK
3 Quantification of Hemodynamic Parameters Using Four-Dimensional Flow MRI Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology Volume 80 /Issue 2 , 239-258 Hojin Ha, Hyungkyu Huh, Dong Hyun Yang, Namkug Kim LINK
2 Validation of pressure drop assessment using 4D flow MRI‐based turbulence production in various shapes of aortic stenoses Magnetic resonance in medicine Volume 81 / Issue 2 , 893-906 Hojin Ha, John‐Peder Kvitting, Petter Dyverfeldt, Tino Ebbers LINK
1 4D Flow MRI quantification of blood flow patterns, turbulence and pressure drop in normal and stenotic prosthetic heart valves Magnetic resonance imaging Volume 55 , 118-127 Hojin Ha, John-Peder Escobar Kvitting, Petter Dyverfeldt, Tino Ebbers LINK